How to Get Rid of Rabbits Under a Deck

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how to get rid of rabbits under a deck

If you have a deck, you want to enjoy it as much as possible. Decks are expensive investments and anything that could make yours uncomfortable is a major inconvenience. 

This includes having rabbits under your deck. While rabbits may be cute, their presence won’t always be welcome. 

You most likely will want to get rid of rabbits under your deck as nicely as possible. Fortunately, there are humane ways to remove them that don’t require you to handle them. 

By following the below steps, you can get rid of the rabbits that have made their home under your deck. 

Getting rid of rabbits under your deck is relatively easy. You won’t have to handle the rabbits at all, which is not recommended. 

To remove rabbits, there are a few steps, including: 

  • Chase the out from under the deck 
  • Remove any lattice trim
  • Install chicken wire
  • Call your local animal services

Why Get Rid of Rabbits Under a Deck?

why get rid of rabbis under a deck

While it may not seem like a big problem to have rabbits under your deck, it can be an issue. 

Rabbits have a tendency to procreate very rapidly. Even if you only have a few rabbits under your deck, you could soon have dozens. 

This can be a problem if you have dogs or other animals that may want to chase them. 

Rabbits are also natural prey in the animal kingdom. 

This means that they could potentially attract bigger predators to your yard. This includes animals like coyotes and raccoons, which can cause much bigger problems. 

Chase Them Away

The first thing you will need to do is get the rabbits out from under the deck. 

If you have a dog, this can be an easy process. Simply take the dog out in the backyard and let it bark at the rabbits until they scurry off. 

If you don’t have a dog, you can stomp on top of the deck to get them roused and out of their den. 

While this will scare the rabbits, it won’t harm them and it is a humane way to remove them from the deck. 

Any kind of loud noise will usually work, so try a few until you are sure they have completely left. Use a flashlight to look under the deck and clear it before moving on to the next step. 

Remove Lattice 

If your deck has lattice trim, you will need to remove this. The issue with the lattice is that rabbits can squeeze through it. 

Lattice is also usually not secured to the ground very well. The rabbits will be able to get under it, which is most likely how they got in in the first place. 

If you are going to reattach the lattice, store it in a safe place. If not, you can simply dispose of it or save it for another project. 

Install Chicken Wire

install chicken wire

After you have removed the lattice, you will want to install the chicken wire. 

Chicken wire is too small for the rabbits to get through and can be secured to the ground. This makes it a great option for keeping them out. 

Dig a 2-inch groove along the perimeter of your deck. Make sure that you are not leaving any spaces open and that the rabbits can sneak through. 

Screw the top of the chicken wire to the bottom of the deck. Then, bury the bottom edge in the 2-inch groove in the ground. 

If you are going to reattach your lattice, put it over the chicken wire and secure it with new screws. 

Call Animal Control 

Once you have secured the deck, call your local animal control. 

Tell them about the rabbits and let them know that there may be more in the neighborhood. They will be able to trap them and rehome them or find them a better habitat. 

It is important that you inform animal control about the rabbits so they can keep a handle on the population. This is crucial for the animals to thrive and live healthy lives. 

Frequently Asked Questions

faq how to get rid of rabbits under a deck

How deep is a rabbit burrow?

Depending on what types of rabbits you are dealing with burrows can be very deep. Some burrows can get up to 10 feet in depth. 

This is one of the reasons they can be so hard to get rid of.

How far do rabbits travel from their burrow?

Rabbits will sometimes go between two and three miles away from their burrow. They are fast-moving animals so they can get around very easily. 

However, they almost always come back to the burrow to feed and sleep. 

Where do rabbits go during the day?

Most rabbits will forage for food in the early morning hours and at night. 

They will sleep in their burrows during the hottest parts of the day to keep cool. This is especially true in very hot climates. 


Getting rid of rabbits under your deck is relatively simple and doesn’t cost much. If you are careful to fully remove them, you should have no problems with them in the future. 

By following the above steps, you can enjoy your deck without worrying about what is underneath it. 

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