Deckorators Decking Review

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deckorators decking review

Composite decking is one of the up and coming decking materials that seems to grow in popularity with every new brand. One of those brands, Deckorators, has changed the game by offering more styles and options than most other brands.

In this Deckorators Decking review we will look at all of the collections, accessories and innovations they bring. We will rate, review and compare all of the styles, colors and board selections so you know exactly what to expect.

Deckorators Composite Collections

Deckorators doesn’t have the largest selection on the market, but their recent overhauls have opened the door for more styles than ever before.

  • Voyager Collection. A mineral-based core composite material that is lighter, stronger and longer lasting than the wood-pulp options. This is the top-of-the-line series.
  • Vault Collection. Slightly less enhanced, this collection is also MBC composite with durability to last 50 years.
  • Vista Collection. A wood-plastic core (WPC) collection with great colors, elegant style and simple installation.
  • Trailhead Collection. Affordable, subtle and elegant. A deep embossed grain pattern looks great and enhances traction.
  • Tropics Collection. One of the most popular choices, with exotic wood patterns and subtle colors, these tropical themed wood grain boards are sure to please.

Who is Deckorators?

who is deckorators

Deckorators got their start in 1998 in St. Louis as an aluminum balusters company. Their main goal then was to revolutionize the outdoor living space. By 2003, through retail sales in home improvement stores and building material shops, the brand reached $5 million in annual sales.

This caught the eye of Universal Forest Products, who acquired Deckorators, Maine Ornamental and the Latitudes outdoor living brands in 2005. By 2012, UFP consolidated all three brands into one large outdoor decking and accessories label, keeping the Deckorators name.

By 2014, Deckorators grew to a complete outdoor space brand and quickly introduced Eovations technology, a mineral based composite material (MBC) which sets them apart from the rest of the brands on the market at the time.

Today, the brand continues to innovate and develop new outdoor technologies. Your backyard can get a large upgrade in comfort, design and enjoyment with Deckorators.

MBC Vs. WPC Composite Decking

Wood-based composite is the standard material used in non-traditional decking materials. WPC combines plastics (generally recycled) and wood fiber, sawdust or wood pulp. The resulting board is durable, flexible and quite sturdy.

WPC is the primary construction and manufacturing method for most composite brands. It is more expensive than pressure treated lumber, but offers durability, weather resistance and longevity.

Deckorators also use a mineral-based composite on their Voyager and Vault collections. Mineral-based composite (MBC) is a non-wood alternative that increases strength while lowering weight.

With literally no thermal expansion, you don’t have to worry about gaping, stretching or bowing. MBC is much more expensive, of course, but it offers a similar weight to PVC and is rated for installation in contact with water and on-ground applications.

Deckorators Decking Full Review

deckorators decking full review

In this section we will separate the Deckorators decks up by collection. We will rate, review and compare them all giving you an idea of what the individual collections have to offer. Then, we will show you all the options side by side to help you make a final purchasing decision.

Voyager Collection

Over the last year Deckorators has been busy organizing their collections. We expect to see a new line or collection very soon, which may be a ground-contact/waterproof version, though sources are unclear. What we do know is that Frontier, Heritage, Classic and Eovations collections are now all gone, in name at least.

The Voyage collection is now known as the Voyager Collection and it is still the top of the line of all Deckorators options. Voyager is an MBC style composite that comes in 4 new widths, multiple lengths and is highly durable.

It is also the lightest of the decking options, with up to 35% less weight, per board, than other composite lines. The Voyager Deckorators decking colors are Sedona, Sierra, Tundra, Costa, Mesa and Khaya. These 6 colors range from dark gray to light brown and match a wide variety of Deckortators options such as fascia and cladding.

You will find that based on your color choice you also have a board profile choice, either grooved or solid. Grooves are ideal for start and middle areas of the project and use the hidden fastener system. Solid boards are ideal for the edges, but will need top-down screws to hold them in place.

While Voyager is the strongest, safest (non-slip embossing) and most durable, it also comes with Deckorators best warranty. Voyager is covered for 50 years structural and 25 years stain, fade, removal and replacement.

Vault Collection

Replacing the Eovations collection is the new Vault collection. This line up has a lot to offer, but does vary from the Voyager line slightly. For instance, the Vault collection does not have the deep embossed texture that adds to secure footing when wet.

Vault also only comes in 2 colors, Dusk which is a medium gray shade, and Mesquite which is a medium brown. Both colors are available in both solid and grooved and come in all board lengths and widths.

Being an MBC decking, it has the light weight and additional durability which makes it easy to install and long-lasting. The wood grain pattern is a texture grain and cut into the surface instead of embossed. It has a better appearance, but won’t cover scratches or other imperfections as much.

Because Vault is an MBC decking option, it too comes with the 50/25/25 year warranty coverage. This protects the structural integrity of the boards from sagging, warping or cracking for 50 years. It also protects against stains and fading for 25 years and the removal and replacement portion is also 25 years.

Vista Collection

Vista is a collection that has been around since the start. It is one that has gone through very little change over the years and remains one of Deckorators best selling options. This WPC composite decking comes in multiple colors and sizes to meet almost any need.

With the four colors (Driftwood, Silverwood, Ironwood and Dunewood) you get close-color matching. With dark and light gray, as well as dark and light brown the colors can be interwoven to create an eye-catching pattern without having to settle for mismatched boards.

Each one of the Vista collection is designed to mimic the appearance of exotic hardwoods, giving your deck a tropical feel without the maintenance and cost of actual exotic woods. These boards are also capped on all 4 sides giving you superior resistance to scratches, fading and staining.

The WPC warranty applies here, which is still one of the best in the business. With 25 years for all stages (structure, stain & fade and removal & replacement), your investment is covered. It is also important to note that all colors are available in all sizes, and on both solid and grooved profiles.

Trailhead Collection

Trailhead is the newest collection in the Deckorators line up and it replaces the older Classic line. The main difference here is that there is more attention to the detailing on these boards than the older, replaced collections.

While all boards are scalloped profiles, they are also capped on three sides and come in grooved edges or solid edges to match your project needs. Trailhead is also available in 3 colors: Ridgeline, a medium gray color, as well as Pathway and Canyon, a medium brown and reddish-brown, respectively.

The main aspect here is in the capping., Which is deep-embossed with subtle variegation. This not only gives the boards a little more traction when wet, but also creates a deep pattern of wood grain that looks more real.

The scalloped bottoms mean you can only install in one direction, but helps remove weight from the decking. It also protects against moisture absorption and helps the solid core flex to prevent cracking or damage.

Like the other WPC options from the brand covered so far, Trailhead comes with the 25/25/25 warranty coverage. It is a worthwhile investment for those looking to save a little money while still using a high-quality decking material.

Tropics Collection

tropics colection

The Tropics collection is also newer and is one of the most affordable WPC decking options out there. It offers a unique profile and great look with low-maintenance and great warranty.

The first thing you notice about the Tropics line is that the board profiles are open flange. This removes a lot of the weight of the board without compromising the strength and durability. It also uses much less material so the boards are less expensive.

The Tropical collection comes in grooved and solid sides, and ranges from 8, 12 or 16 foot lengths. It is also available in Tidal Gray and Hana Brown color options. You can even mix the two colors together to create picture framed or pattern decks.

As a Lowe’s exclusive, the removal and replacement portion of the warranty is gone. However, the structural and stain & fade warranty coverage remains at 25-years. Readily available, easy to install and a great warranty. There isn’t much more to ask for.

Distressed Collection

Finally, we have the Distressed collection. There is only one option for color here, but you still have choices. Rot, mold, mildew and scratch resistant, the Distressed collection is designed to mimic hardwood flooring, outside your home.

Currently, Distressed is only available in Cherrywood color, which is a cozy reddish-brown color. It is the most affordable of all the collections, but is also the one that looks the most shiny and plastic.

Available in two lengths (8 or 16 foot), you can choose the grooved or solid edge boards that are all open flange profiles. A lightweight, easy to install decking without a lot of fuss or maintenance.

Also available only at Lowe’s Distressed has the 25/25 warranty like the Tropics line. However, because it is a Lowe’s exclusive you have readily available inventory, shopping online and even expert installation options built right in.

Additional Decking Options

Aside from the main collections there are two other decking options to make note of. The Picture Frame Deck Board collection is a series of solid and groove-edged boards designed specifically to go around the edge of your deck.

Available in only Dark Slate color, these boards add a finish and eye-catching appearance to your project. Whether you need to picture frame your deck design or just want a clean finished edge along the outside, this is the collection for you.

Deckorators also offers the Porch Board collection. These are boards with a tongue-in-groove design that installs quickly and has a long-lasting finish to add to your entryway, expand your deck or cover your back porch.

With MBC construction you also get the 50/25/25 year warranty coverage and a new look to welcome you and your family home for years to come.

Deckorators Deck Essentials

Deckorators doesn’t stop there. They also offer a wide range of products to enhance your deck project and overall enjoyment of the space.

These will include things like cladding, fascia boards, star runners and even lattice to cover any raised areas of your deck. It also includes railing, balusters, extension posts, post caps and even lighting.

Everything you need to complete your entire project, except the grill and deck chairs can be ordered and installed. All with a matching design to make a more seamless project.

At a Glance

Let’s take a look at the main collections side by side. Here you can see the Deckorators decking colors, board sizes, types and even warranty coverage. Which collection catches your eye the most?

CollectionColor OptionsBoard SizesBoard TypeWarranty
Voyager612-foot (grooved only) 16- 20-foot (solid)MBC50/25/25
Vault212-, 16-, 20-footMBC50/25/25
Vista412-, 16-, 20-footWPC25/25/25
Trailhead312-, 16-, 20-footWPC25/25/25
Tropics28-, 12-, 16-footWPC25/25
Distressed18- and 16-footWPC25/25

Where to Buy Deckorators Composite Decking

where to buy deckorators composite decking

Deckorators has always been known as a relatively easy to locate brand. They used to be sold at all major box stores and home improvement shops. However, this has changed over the years.

The best option for finding your new Deckorators decking materials is to use the “where to buy” store and vendor locator on their website. This will give you all available locations in your chosen area, as well as contact information so you can call before driving around town all day.

For many of the WPC options they are still available at home improvement stores across the country. Of course Lowe’s has the contract for the moments so the largest selection will be found through them. You can shop Deckorators online at the Lowe’s website or in person at any local store.

Decking Costs and Availability

Deckorators has an industry average to high cost range. Depending on the type of boards you get the cost will be about the same as the rest of the brands of similar quality (Trex, TimberTech, etc.). However, the MBC styles will be even more expensive.

For the MBC options, Voyager and Vault, you can expect to pay between $70 and $120 per board (16 to 20 foot). The cost will vary slightly between the other board types as well. Let’s break it down for you.

Note that the prices listed here are an average over the entire country. Your actual price will be determined by type, size, color variations, profiles and other aspects. This may cause your total cost to be higher or even lower than those listed here.


Deckorators Pros and Cons

Deckorators has been around for a while, and they have some of the best innovations in the industry. While the company sorts out who is actually producing what, there is one thing for sure, there is a lot to look forward to.

For example, the MBC boards are lighter, stronger and more durable than other composite brands and styles. They also have one of the best overall warranties in the business. With up to 50 years of coverage, your investment is protected.

When all is said and done, only Trex offers more in terms of accessories, additional parts and enhancements. But, not everything is great. There are going to be negative aspects, too.

One of the first downsides you will notice is that there is a lack of color and style options. Where some brands offer over 20 colors per style, Deckorators has a much more limited selection. Some collections only have 1 or 2 colors, where most brands offer 8 or more.

You will also find that Deckorators doesn’t have the most realistic wood-mimicking textures or embossing. While the collections aren’t as plastic looking as some brands, many brands of similar price ranges look more authentic.

Deckorators Ratings

  • Selection: 2.5
  • Warranty: 4.5
  • Durability: 4
  • Installation: 3.5
  • Price: 3
  • Quality: 3.5
  • Eco-Friendliness: 3


  • Overall Rating: 3.4

Installation of Deckorators Composite Decking

installation of deckorators composite decking

Many consumers find that the installation is the most expensive part of the entire project. It is also a headache when you end up hiring someone that isn’t very well experienced in Deckorators installation, making warranty claims and huge hassle.

If you do decide to go with a professional installation, you want your contractor to have a clean background check, hold all proper licenses, insurances and have the experience to complete the job.

We have partnered with Networx to bring you a free to use tool that will not only give you results right in your inbox, but also high quality results.

Each contractor sent to you will be fully vetted, including background and license checks, ratings, reviews and full contact information. Every result emailed to you is also going to be local to your area, so you don’t worry about out-of-state companies.


Deckorators decking is a company that knows a thing or two about composite materials and decking solutions. With innovation, technology and a knack for being thorough, the brand is worth an investment.

If your backyard project (or front porch) needs an overhaul, we hope this Deckorators decking review has helped give you ideas and inspiration. With Deckorators, your project can come to life, and last just as long.

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